Visibly fuller and sexier lips
Double volume!



Natural, hypoallergenic
100% visible result
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of extracts of coniferous
humic acids
VOM gel
castor oil
How to apply CITYLIPS
for maximum lip volume
Clean and dry the skin. Remove makeup or it might not get absorbed well!
Apply the gloss
in the morning and in the evening.
100% result even
in case of irregular
Professional opinion

To achieve maximum lip volume and naturally looking lips, I recommend daily use of the CityLips Pro gloss. Citylips Pro gloss is based on natural neutral ingredients and is not causing any irritation providing natural looking fuller lips. Natural volume promoters contribute to the overall lip plumping effect. Studies have shown that in 97% of people lip volume has increased with 30 - 100 % after using Citylips depending on their individual conditions and duration of use. 99 % of women are satisfied with the results and are ready to advise this solution to their friends.

Dr.Peter Bens

Plastic surgeon in Medical Center of Aesthetic Health
Cutomer reviews
  • Olivia Johnson:
    24 years Oxford

    My lips were thin by nature and of course I wanted to make them fuller. I tried with those rubber sucking devides but it didn't work, the only thing I got was bruises all over my lips. Later I found Citylip online, read some reviews and ordered it. I applied it in the morning and in the evening. Very satisfied with the result! My photos:

    do1 BEFORE
    do2 AFTER 8 WEEKS
  • Sara Brown :
    20 years London

    Nowadays beautiful full lips are in fashion, but mine were neither full nor beautiful. So I wanted to plump them. With such thin lips I was ashamed to go to the University. Most of the girls had sexy plumpy lips. A beautician advised me to apply this gloss in the morning and in the evening ­ and wow, just in a few weeks, I have changed. Price is very good for a student :) These changes really suit me, don't they?

    do21 BEFORE
    do2 AFTER 8 WEEKS
  • Аnna Tray:
    30 years Brighton

    After enhancing my lips their condition became really poor . I decided to restore them and have tried a lot of expensive solutions – it became even worse. Allergy began, asymetrical bumps and stuff like that. Based on nice reviews and the price I decided to order Citylips. And actually I am very pleased with the result, my lips are full and sexy, how I like them. Can definitely recommend it!

    do21 BEFORE
    do2 AFTER 8 WEEKS
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